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resize photo resize photo resize photo resize photo resize photo

Resize photo automatically by dragging and dropping.


The PicJet Studio program is a set of the most necessary tools for processing groups of digital photos and separate digital photos. The main feature of this software is its intuitive and visual interface.

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PicJet Studio, digital photo processing

Main features:

digital photo resizing, resize images, batch resize

Tool "Resizer"
Resize a bunch of digital pictures to fit any size completely automatically and without any hassle. There's no learning curve involved. Just drag and drop a single photo or a selection of multiple photos onto the Resize icon!


Resize your digital photos automatically by simply dragging&dropping.

photo convert, batch convert, convert image format

Tool "Converter"
Are you concerned with load times when you upload a photo album on the Web? Not sure if a Web browser can show the images as produced by your digital camera? Remove any guessing and drop your digital pictures onto the Converter icon! PicJet Studio will carefully convert the images into a chosen compatible format, ensuring that they never exceed the file size you specify. No learning required. Just drag and drop!


set date to photo, date imprint, date stamp

Tool "Stamp"
Do you remember having a film camera with that cool imprinting feature that stamped the date you took a picture onto each photograph? They don't often include this in digital cameras anymore. But all is not lost in this department, as you can easily stamp dates onto digital pictures in a much simpler way than with film! PicJet Studio imprints the date you took the picture on a single or bunch of photographs quickly and easily. 


Tool "Collage"
Feeling creative? Design a cool-looking collage of your favorite photographs! Learning curve? What learning curve? Just select your favorite pictures and drop them onto the Collage icon!


Tool "Brightness/contrast"
Use the "Brightness/contrast" tool for quick correction of the brightness and contrast of photos. This is very convenient!



Tool "Rotating"
Just select rotation direct and the program will do everything itself.


simple drag&drop photos



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17 February 2010
New version of 
PicJet Studio  3.5

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